Winter Breakfast

“Did you add salt?” He always asks me that when I make the oatmeal. I never cooked oatmeal with salt before we met. Salt is for savory food and oatmeal is a sweet, breakfast food, right? Okay, technically oatmeal is not sweet at all but you’ll never catch me eating it plain or without some sort of sweet addition. And though I never would normally add salt to oatmeal, now I find my hand uncontrollably hovering over the salt bowl for a pinch to toss into the oatmeal as it cooks. 
There are still days that I forget and cook it without salt but nowadays, most times you’ll find just a hint of salt flavor mixed in with my butter and brown sugar, or fruit topping. The tiny hint of salt provides a more rounded flavor and when I think about it, most chocolate chip cookie recipes that I’ve come across call for a little salt. 
A few combinations of things that you could find adorning my oatmeal:
– Fresh blueberries, walnut halves, butter, brown sugar and milk
– A light sprinkling of homemade granola, with sliced bananas & milk
– A BIG dollop of fresh “fruktkräm” and milk. Fruktkräm is a homemade Swedish jam made with any leftover berries and fruits, that are slightly passed their freshness but not quite ready for the compost, with a little added sugar and potato flour for thickener. So delicious!
… or one of my new favorites…
– Sliced bananas and a tablespoon or two of ground cinnamon cooked in with the 
  oatmeal that is then topped with a dusting of brown sugar and a heavy pour of milk. 

 Complete with a lovely cappuccino…

Good to the last spoonful…

And if I’m feeling especially inspired… 
baked oatmeal with bananas, blueberries, milk, eggs and a touch of sugar, cinnamon and pecans…

What favorite toppings or flavors adorn your oatmeal?

2 thoughts on “Winter Breakfast

  1. I stick mostly to brown sugar, cinnamon, and some frozen blueberries. The frozen blueberries have the added bonus of cooling down the oatmeal more quickly so I can get breakfast ready for my boys faster! I've never added salt, but now I'm curious.

    I love your blog – it's beautiful, and Stockholm seems like such a fascinating and lovely city.

  2. Thank you Mary! Your combo sounds delicious and the frozen blueberries are a brilliant idea for cooling it down for the little people. 🙂
    I appreciate your sweet comment about my blog. Stockholm is certainly a wonderful city to experience, especially now that spring is on its way. Happy Day!

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