Summer Series Part Three – Bone Shaker

Even though it wasn’t so long ago that I was running around the city in short sleeves and skirts with bare legs, summer feels very far away already. Days are remarkably shorter I’m already findings myself lighting candles in the evenings – a sure sign of fall in Sweden. But before we get carried away with roasted squash and pumpkin bread, I’d like to reminisce a little bit more about some of my best summer adventures.

Säby Ö Hus

If you haven’t heard before, the title of this post, Bone Shaker, is a nickname for an earlier version of the bicycle, or velocipede, not know for being the most comfortable ride. Aptly named even for some current day bikes, I discovered my own bones to be shaking quite a bit on our recent mountain bike rides while on vacation on the west coast of Sweden.


We’ve been wanting to bring our bikes with us to Tjörn for a couple of years now and this year turned out to be the lucky one. Our brother-in-law sparked our interest even more with his own tales and photos of his and my sister-in-law’s bicycle adventures along long, lonely, country roads. I mean, there’s nothing much better than flying down a country lane on your bicycle, or bone shaker, with the sun shining down and a gentle breeze blowing on your face as you whiz by tall fields of hay and farms ladden with lazy cows.


This particular day’s adventure took us past our favorite outdoor sculpture park, Pilane, which features sculptural works of artists from all over the world which are then placed haphazardly around the park among ancient Viking graves. The park also shares space with some local sheep who wander around and graze among the sculptures. It is a very special place. We then continued down along a series of narrow, dirt roads and even smaller grassy, paths that led us straight through fields, and finally into the nature reserve area of Säby Ö, or Säby Island. Before we actually reached the island, we were forced to stop several times to open and close the cow guard gates along our way.


Once on the island, the real bone-shaking began. We bicycled over stone pathes that were more like small boulders shouldered together and up and over grassy hills until we finally reached out destination. Little did we know we would be sharing our picnic spot with a herd of cows! They were so cute however that I didn’t mind the barnyard smell at all.


We will definitely bring our bikes with us from now on and next year should be even better, as we are hoping to spend two weeks there instead of one. I am sure Pina will be happy about that too ;-).


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