Hello and welcome to Bike and Skillet! My name is Grace Ann and the little lady next to me in the photo above is Pina. I have been blogging in various forms since 2008, my blogs evolving from simple travelogs in the beginning, to a one-year Finding Happy project, and on to my current project, Bike and Skillet. Originally from Texas, I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden and, though I miss some good old Tex-Mex and frozen margaritas, I love exploring all of the wonders that Sweden and the surrounding Scandinavian region have to offer. Especially the concept of Fika: The Swedish tradition of taking a break to meet with family, friends, or co-workers and having a cup of coffee and sweet treat such as cardamom buns or fresh raspberry pie with vanilla sauce. No wonder Swedes are so happy! Wouldn’t you be too?

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