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My Stockholm will feature blog posts about my favorite places in and around the city of Stockholm, occasionally venturing outside the city and, even more occasionally, outside of Sweden. Stay tuned for tips and stories about the coziest cafes, where to find the best fika, the best pizza, the tastiest Indian food, and the best cocktails, along with other favorite hidden gems.

Feel free to send me tips about your own favorite places… perhaps they will also be featured here!


My Stockholm – 450 Gradi

450 Gradi

He tiptoed carefully toward us, holding the bottle of beer gingerly between his fingertips. This was his second attempt as the first bottle fizzed and overflowed across the counter when he popped the bottle cap. It is with this type of care that owner, Janne Bonnevier, handles his customers, as well as opening a bottle of beer, that sets 450 Gradi apart from many of the pizzerias I have been to in Stockholm, aside from the fact that their pizzas are out of this world delicious.

We both ordered the January pizza “hold the salsiccia,” which is a type of Italian sausage. Most places would simply take your order and leave it at that, especially with a line growing behind us. Janne however took the time to ask if we wanted to substitute a topping in place of the salsiccia and suggested sun-dried tomatoes. Those sun-dried tomatoes were some of the best I’ve ever had and I’m almost positive that they were homemade. So tangy and delicious and they added the perfect flavor given that the pizza was made without tomato sauce.

As we enjoyed our pies we witnessed Janne personally thank and say goodbye to ever guest as the made their way to the door. The quaint feeling that this type of serves gives was only accented by the traditionally decorated interior with its red-checkered tablecloths and a natural brick wall coupled with old-fashioned wallpaper that must have been part of the buildings original restaurant.

I discovered their pizza earlier this week on an Instagram feed that I follow and I decided that no matter how long it took to get there, we were going to visit 450 Gradi this weekend. It took us about 45 minutes to get their via subway and train and I can say with honesty that the travel time spent was completely worth it. We will definitely be back.