Happy 2016

Happy 2016!

Do you ever feel like you are just hiding out? Waiting for something to happen but you don’t exactly know what? And the waiting turns into a thing and nothing ever quite happens but you still keep waiting? Well, that about sums up the end of the year for me. Aside from being preoccupied with an Adobe course, helping my husband and his family clean out and sell his childhood home, and looking for the right Christmas gifts for everyone, I had little time left to think about Bike And Skillet. Well, that isn’t entirely true. I thought about posts and had some fun ideas (gift guide, daily Advent Calendar – which I actually managed to post via Facebook, a special winter cocktail – which is still in the works!), I just never seemed to be able to get a post actually posted.

Sometimes life happens and you have to just go with the flow, right? I’d like to say that I plan to kick the New Year off with a bang but honestly I feel like I am in an incubation stage and the New Year will begin on a more mellow note for Bike and Skillet. My aim is to post more regularly and to find my rhythm. There is a great deal of creativity inside me just waiting to be unleashed.

So instead of posting about New Year’s resolutions, I will leave you with some of my most recent favorite quotes to ponder as you begin 2016:








Wishing you a Healthy & Happy 2016!


Grace Ann

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