Fall – My Favorite Time of Year

Allotments Zinkensdamm

We were beckoned outside by the brisk, autumn air. The rustling of leaves and golden light that gently caress the sidewalks, trees, buildings, even the people as they stroll by on the street below. We were called to the outdoors by the beautiful, fall day. Still too warm to be fully clad in scarves, mittens and hats, my husband and I stepped out for a walk in jeans, sneakers, long-sleeved shirts and down vests. It felts so nice to be unencumbered by our winter coats (that still hang anxiously in the closet). Even in the shade there was still a hint of warmth. It was lovely. Soul-quenching.


There is something so magical about late afternoon light. The warm hues seem to enliven everything. And combined with the brilliantly-hued leaves – fire red, smoldering orange, burnished yellow –  shimmering on the trees or rustling on the ground below, this late afternoon truly was something to behold. We walked from our apartment, along the busy street bustling with folk, down to our favorite park nearby. We strolled along secret garden paths that wind amid the allotments, taking in the beauty of nature, both natural and man-made.

Tantolunden Shadows

As we turned away from the allotments to head further into the park we were met by our long-legged shadows cast onto the path before us. I love the playfulness and whimsy of long shadows. Like tall, skinny giants they mock the coming winter and tantalize the exiting summer.


Fall is my favorite time of year. What’s your favorite time of year?

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