450 Gradi

450 Gradi

He tiptoed carefully toward us, carefully holding the bottle of beer between his fingertips. This was his second attempt as the first bottle had fizzed and overflowed across the counter when he popped the cap off. It is with this type of care that owner, Janne Bonnevier, treats his customers that sets 450 Gradi apart from […]

The Greasy Spoon

Along a lone street on Södermalm lies a quaint, little restaurant called The Greasy Spoon. This lovely little gem serves English-styled breakfast and, in my opinion, the best breakfast in Stockholm, that I’ve had so far that is. For such a small, somewhat hole-in-the-wall, The Greasy Spoon is big on flavor and options. My breakfast […]

Semla Hunt Update

(Thelins Konditori, Kungsholmen, Stockholm) Well, it’s official. I’m eating my way to Easter and larger pants via the Great Semla Hunt trail. I was informed by a friend recently that I should actually be fasting from semlor right now, as Fat Tuesday (Fettisdagen) was the (apparently) first AND last day to eat them until… Easter? […]

Dining While in Jail?

Yes, if you happen to be at Hornsgatan 82 in Stockholm, Sweden. Located just a stone’s throw away from our apartment in central Stockholm lies one of Stockholm’s new best kept secrets. Häktet. (Shhh… it’s still a secret!) Named for its previous incarnation as a jail, which is also the precise meaning of its name, […]

I’m Going With Bold

It has been a busy week this week between work, acupuncture, getting my hair cut, ceramics class, and then running back and forth to Bågar & Glas (means “Frames & Glass”) trying desperately to decide on a pair of new eyeglass frames. I have an unusually narrow noggin, which means that kids glasses generally fit […]