450 Gradi

450 Gradi

He tiptoed carefully toward us, carefully holding the bottle of beer between his fingertips. This was his second attempt as the first bottle had fizzed and overflowed across the counter when he popped the cap off. It is with this type of care that owner, Janne Bonnevier, treats his customers that sets 450 Gradi apart from […]

Happy 2016

Happy 2016!

Do you ever feel like you are just hiding out? Waiting for something to happen but you don’t exactly know what? And the waiting turns into a thing and nothing ever quite happens but you still keep waiting? Well, that about sums up the end of the year for me. Aside from being preoccupied with […]

Chili-Spiced Nuts

One of the things I especially love about this time of year is the food. I love fall-inspired dishes and treats, pretty much anything that includes pumpkin, roasted butternut squash, or salads with dried cranberries and (chili-spiced) toasted nuts, especially pecans. In fact, this recipe would be amazing with just pecans or just walnuts. Something […]